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Indibet Casino: Your Best Gaming Destination in 2023

The popularity of gambling and sportsbook betting is on the rise, and INDIBET Casino stands out as a leading online gaming platform across the globe, renowned not only in India but also in numerous other nations throughout the region. Here we will give you a detailed comprehensive review of Indibet casino features and examine its strengths and weaknesses. We’re thrilled to unveil the thrilling Live Casino tournaments, along with tips on maximizing your bonuses and replenishing your account. You’re not limited to your computer to savor the incredible selection of slots and games at this Asian casino; you can dive right into the action via the Indibet app. Additionally, cricket enthusiasts can look forward to INDIBET Casino’s cricket predictions, complimentary cricket betting advice, online free cricket betting tips, and IPL betting insights.

Home Casino

Live Casino Action at INDIBET

When you initially access the INDIBET platform, whether it’s through a PC or a mobile phone, you’ll encounter several sections on the main page. One of these sections is dedicated to a wide array of real-money games, including the exciting option to explore the LIVE CASINO at INDIBET. Curious about what awaits you in this section? Allow us to provide you with an overview of the live casino offerings available on the website.


Teen Patti

For card game lovers, Teen Patti is a joyful discovery, particularly if you’re young and enjoy a bit of excitement! While its rules aren’t overly complicated, mastering the key nuances of the game can be rewarding. Visit the INDIBET website and you just might find yourself winning big!

Teen Patti, a popular card game, is played with a deck of 52 cards. In each round, the dealer distributes the cards counterclockwise, giving every player at the table 3 cards. The objective is to craft the most powerful card combination to secure victory. To maximize their chances, players need to assess their choices wisely when placing bets on either the winning hand or the highest combination. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned player, the INDIBET website offers the perfect platform to ensure your triumph!

There are six winning combinations in Teen Patti:

  • Set
  • Straight-Flush
  • Straight
  • Flush
  • Couple
  • The highest card

If both players have not collected any combinations, the winner is determined by the highest card.

The types of Teen Patti at the INDIBET casino:

  • Teen Patti 20-20
  • Bet on Teen Patti
  • 20-20 Teen Patti Live



Roulette, a captivating and highly enjoyable table game featuring a live dealer, remains a popular favorite among visitors to INDIBET. The rules for the live version closely mirror those of the traditional virtual Roulette. To participate, you simply choose an amount and a specific zone on the game board to place your bet. Following this, the croupier expertly spins the wheel and announces the winning number. If your prediction proves accurate, you’ll be awarded the corresponding payout. However, if your guess is incorrect, your wager will be claimed by the casino.

INDIBET casino offers a selection of Roulette game variations for you to enjoy.

  • Macau Roulette competition
  • Lightning Roulette game
  • Auto-Roulette option
  • Oracle 360 Roulette version
  • Classic Roulette game
  • Speed Roulette option
  • VIP Roulette play



INDIBET casino offers its visitors the chance to immerse themselves in an age-old card game once beloved by Indian players for centuries. Today, this game is accessible in an online format, presenting several authentic variants for players seeking real-money winnings:

  • Baccarat
  • Baccarat A
  • No Comm Speed Baccarat
  • Speed Baccarat B
  • Speed Baccarat A
  • Salon Prive Baccarat A
  • VIP Baccarat
  • VIVO Baccarat
  • Speed Baccarat Cricket
  • Salon Prive Baccarat

The rules of Baccarat remain consistent across various types of the game. During a Live Baccarat round, participants gather around a dedicated table, placing their bets on the designated betting area. The dealer manages the game using a standard deck of 52 cards, typically employing 6 to 8 decks. Each player is dealt two cards, as is the dealer. The primary objective for the players is to assemble a card combination totaling 9 points or as close to 9 as possible. Players have the option to place bets on the ‘Player,’ ‘Bank,’ and/or ‘Tie’ zones.


Andar Bahar

Responsibility for conducting the round falls to the croupier. They initiate the proceedings by performing a shuffle, executing a card cut, and presenting a card face up, designated as the trump card. Punters subsequently place their wagers on either Andar or Bahar, the two piles created by the dealer. The game is conducted using a standard 52-card deck.

You’ll discover a fantastic variety of games available at the INDIBET live casino:

  • Andar Bahar virtual game
  • NC Andar Bahar option
  • Andar Bahar Live play


Dragon Tiger

In 2021, live casino competitions gained immense popularity among Asian players, and they have also expanded their presence to various other regions around the world. One significant factor contributing to its widespread appeal among punters is its simplicity; it offers a card game version that is not only easy to learn but also enjoyable to play.

The Dragon Tiger game bears similarities to Baccarat in its rules. In this game, every player is dealt 2 cards by the dealer. One card is drawn for the dragon, and another for the tiger. The objective is to predict which card will have the higher value. Players then place their bets on their chosen card, with the option to enhance their bets through additional wager options. If their selected card proves to be the highest, the player wins. In the event of a tie, the player forfeits half of their bet. It’s worth noting that wagers can be placed for amounts both below and above 7.

To win Dragon Tiger, an enthusiast can place one of these bets:

  • on the highest card between a dragon and a tiger
  • big or small wager
  • odd or even bets


Blackjack and Poker

These casino games epitomize the timeless classics of the genre. When newcomers explore the homepage of a new virtual casino, they invariably seek out options like Blackjack and Texas Hold’em. Within the INDIBET collection, you’ll discover exceptional card variations for betting:

  • Infinite BJ
  • Free Bet BJ
  • BJ Gold 5
  • Triple card Poker
  • Casino Holdem Poker

Virtual Blackjack offers straightforward rules and a relaxed gameplay pace. Each round is a duel between the dealer and the player, with the objective being to reach 21 points without going over and outperforming the dealer. The ultimate goal is to assemble a hand totaling 21 points. It’s worth noting that Blackjack boasts one of the lowest house edges in the gaming world, ensuring you have excellent odds of coming out victorious.

Virtual Poker is a game that truly challenges your intellectual prowess. To emerge victorious in this game, you must possess a keen analytical mindset, an excellent memory, and unwavering attentiveness. In the world of Poker, participants face off against each other at the table, with the ultimate goal of assembling the most formidable hand possible. The coveted Poker combinations for achieving victory include the illustrious Royal Flush, the impressive Straight Flush, and the reliable Full House.

INDIBET Casino Promotions and Bonuses

Every player at INDIBET Casino undoubtedly desires to enjoy fantastic perks and lucrative bonuses. That’s why INDIBET Asian Casino provides the most enticing offers for both new and loyal customers.

The most generous benefit offered is a welcoming reward, providing a substantial 200% Big Bonus on your initial deposit, with a cap of 10,000 INR.

Other casino bonuses:

TYPE OF BONUSESEach player gets 50 free casino bonuses after Indibet sign up
Casino Sign Up BonusCasino Sign-Up Bonus
Blackjack BonusPunters will get 10% cashback on their daily losses on a Tuesday or Saturday, playing live games
Slots ReloadTop up a deposit and practice slots on Wednesdays to get up to Rs.1,000
Roulette CashbackPlace wagers of Rs.10,000 per day to qualify. Cashback will be credited to your balance in 48 hours, or earlier
Slots Top-UpPractice slot machines on Monday, Friday, and Sunday and we’ll top-up your entire winnings with an extra 10% up to Rs.1,000
Teen Patti BonusPlay any live games to receive cashback on daily losses (Tuesday or Saturday). The cashback is capped at Rs.1,000 per day
Sunday Slots Top-UpPlay slots on Monday, Friday, and Sunday and claim your total winnings with an extra 10% up to Rs.1,000
200% Big BonusPlace the first deposit to claim a 200% bonus
Slots Top-UpPlay slots on Monday, Friday, and Sunday and receive total winnings with an extra 10% up to Rs.1,000
5K Daily JackpotPlay Dragon Tiger game with the highest odds at the INDIBET Live Casino and get entered into the DAILY JACKPOT draw to win 5K
Win Daily JackpotTry out Andar Bahar games at the Live Casino section and get a chance for a daily jackpot up to 5K
Indibet Online Casino


INDIBET Mobile Casino

Currently, we don’t offer downloadable app versions for users. However, you can still experience the thrill of playing and potentially winning big at the INDIBET Live Casino while on the move. To do so, just open this site in your mobile device’s web browser. All that’s required is a stable internet connection and a mobile device.

In the mobile version of INDIBET Casino, you can enjoy more than just live games. You can also place bets on a wide range of sports right from your mobile device. From real-time Teen Patti games to Andar Bahar and a host of other thrilling options, you’ll discover a diverse selection of entertainment on the INDIBET mobile site.


INDIBET Casino Pros and Cons

Before you begin playing your INDIBET games, consider examining the feedback provided by current players. Take a moment to assess both the advantages and disadvantages of the Asian casino shared by these individuals.


  • Fantastic pick with games and slots
  • Allows transactions in INR
  • Superb customer service – 24/7
  • Live chat option


  • The payment gateways are pretty limited
  • It is not available in regional languages
  • Poor user interface
Indibet Casino



To add funds to your INDIBET account, you have a variety of payment methods at your disposal. Simply select the payment service that instills the most confidence in you. Rest assured that all transactions conducted on the INDIBET platform are executed with the utmost security, ensuring the safety of your funds.

Please keep in mind that INDIBET’s live casino enforces specific limits for deposits and withdrawals. Currently, the minimum deposit requirement stands at 500 rupees, while the minimum withdrawal threshold is set at 1,000 rupees. On the upper end, the maximum deposit allowed is 50,000 rupees, and the highest payout achievable from the INDIBET casino system caps at 200,000 INR.

The banking tools you can apply here are:

  • UPI service
  • NetBanking operator
  • Neteller e-wallet
  • Skrill wallet
  • MobiKwik service
  • Bank of India (SBI)
  • ICICI Bank
  • IndusInd Bank
  • Visa debit and credit options
  • Mastercard tool

And please keep in mind that the timeframe for funds to be credited to your account varies depending on your chosen payment method. The quickest and fee-free option for receiving payments is through electronic wallet transactions.

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