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Cricket Betting App

Despite numerous online cricket betting apps in India, INDIBET remains a premier bookmaker, excelling in cricket and diverse sports betting. Our platform caters comprehensively to cricket enthusiasts, offering abundant betting options, competitive odds, enticing promotions, and robust services. Accessible through our mobile application, we ensure convenience and seamless betting experiences. Detailed information on betting options, cricket wagering procedures, and other pertinent guidance is readily available. INDIBET stands as the preferred choice, committed to satisfying cricket fans with unparalleled services and a user-friendly interface. Explore our offerings for a rewarding and enriching betting experience

How To Start With Online Cricket Betting At Indibet?

  • Register a profile on our platform by providing basic information: username, email, phone number, and password.
  • Deposit funds into your account to cover your desired wager.
  • Navigate to the “Cricketbook” page to explore available events.
  • Each match features odds, including live options; choose between fancy or fixed odds.
  • Select your preferred market, selection, and odds.
  • Fill in the bet amount in the “Bet form” on the right of the webpage.
    Confirm your bet.
  • Upon event conclusion, successful predictions yield prizes.
  • With hundreds of daily cricket events, success is within reach on our service.

From IPL to WT20: Cricket’s Prime Betting Spectacles

Our comprehensive service encompasses a wide array of popular events, spanning both local and international spheres, ensuring optimal conditions for cricket betting. Presently, we provide over 10 diverse championships and leagues for wagering, comprising ongoing and forthcoming events. While cricket enjoys significant popularity in India, our platform offers games from various global regions, facilitating diverse betting options. Explore some of the prominent competitions available for engagement.

IPL Online Betting

  • The Indian Premier League (IPL) stands as the most prominent online cricket betting league in India.
  • IPL has gained global recognition, spanning over a decade as one of the
  • largest cricket tournaments worldwide.
  • Featuring eight premier teams from India, IPL offers significant awards and prizes.
  • Broadcasted in over 20 countries, IPL boasts substantial sponsorship and a vast fanbase.
  • Bets for the upcoming 2021 tournament include various options such as Top Wicket Taker, Finalist Team Prediction, Top 4 Finishers, and Leading Run Scorer.
  • Customers are offered diverse betting markets with accurate odds for potential profits.
  • Betting opportunities are available for matches scheduled in September.
    Participants can select their desired events, place wagers, and potentially earn profits.

Big Bash League

  • Started in 2011 by Cricket Australia.
  • BBL is been played during the Australian summer.
  • Perth Scrochers is the most successful team in BBL where they have won around 5 titles as of now.
  • Sean Abbott is the most successful bowler in Big Bash history.
  • Chris Lynn has the most number of runs in this league.

PSL – Pakistan Super League

  • Season one of PSL was played in 2016.
  • Six teams participated in the contest.
  • You can enjoy betting on PSL at Dream11 predictions.
  • Babar Azam has the most runs in the tournaments yet.
  • Wahab Riaz holds the record for the most number of wickets in the tournament so far.

Women Premier League

  • Just like IPL which is for men, WPL is the Indian cricket league for women.
  • The first Season of the women’s premier league commenced in 2023.
  • WPL’s first edition was a big hit in terms of viewership of women’s cricket matches.
  • It has five teams, played before the start of the IPL.
  • You can place online bets on this tournament.

Bangladesh Premier League

  • The T20 league is played in Bangladesh.
  • This league consists of seven franchise teams.
  • You can easily place your bets through Dream 11 on BPL matches.


  • South African T20 League is organized by the South African Cricket Board.
  • The first season of this league was played in 2023.
  • Six teams participated in this tournament.
  • Two seasons have been played.
  • This amazing cricket tournament has many betting odds options available for all.

Caribbean Premier League

  • Caribbean-based competition.
  • Six participating teams.
  • Starts in August, bets open.
  • Well-sponsored, offers substantial rewards..

County Championship

  • Held in England/Wales.
  • 18 participating teams.
  • Esteemed and historic tournament.

The Hundred

  • New championship in England/Wales.
  • Eight men’s and eight women’s teams.
  • Substantial cash prize.
  • 68 matches, live betting available.

ICC T20 World Cup 2024

  • International tournament held in USA.
  • Features top teams worldwide.
  • Betting available prior to event.

From Boundaries to Wickets: Cricket Betting Odds

  • Fancy: Designed for novice bettors, this type offers straightforward outcomes for events, requiring users to predict their occurrence.
  • Fixed: Involves predicting match results with predetermined odds. Successful bets yield prizes, while incorrect predictions result in losses. Key feature: known potential winnings from the outset.
  • Despite this, nearly all events offer specific types of wagers. As a result, the most popular bets among cricket bettors typically include:
  • Predict the winning team in the game.
  • Estimate the number of runs in each inning, session, and over.
  • Determine the score after each over.
  • Assess the size of the fall-of-wicket score.
  • Analyze the number of runs made by batsmen and wickets taken by bowlers.
  • Determine if the total runs will be odd or even.
  • Consider the outcome of the coin toss.
    Identify the player with the highest run score and the best bowling performance.
  • Explore other betting options available.
  • Appreciate the wide selection of bets offered, suitable for both novice and experienced bettors.
  • Benefit from less complex betting options for beginners.
  • Utilize the diverse range of betting opportunities for experienced bettors to maximize profits through accurate predictions of final scores and more.

Live Cricket Betting at INDIBET

  • Sportsbook offers live betting on cricket, enabling wagers after match commencement.
  • The “Cricketbook” page lists available events on the left column, including real-time matches.
  • Live game odds are continually updated during the match.
  • Right column features: Live stream of the event available for viewing on site. Tracker displaying current game points.
  • Scoreboard showing game scores.
  • Accessing features requires site profile creation or login.
  • Live cricket betting offers real-time excitement, with the potential for winning even after the match starts.

Game-Changing Offers: Promotions by INDIBET

Our service presents numerous cricket betting promotions, featuring generous incentives beneficial for bettors, enabling prolonged betting while conserving funds and facilitating the potential to win cash prizes. Additionally, these promotions entail easily achievable conditions and player-friendly playthrough requirements, ensuring a favorable experience. We exclusively offer profitable promotions and regularly update our selection, ensuring no lucrative opportunities are missed. Explore the current promotions below for further details.

  • New Customer Promo: Registering a new profile earns 50 extra cricket bets, requiring no additional effort. Explore our services risk-free.
  • Big Bonus: Top up your balance with up to 10,000 Rupees for a 200% boost, ideal for real or virtual cricket betting.
  • Hundred Jackpot: Bet on any of the specified hundred cricket matches for a chance to win 5,000 INR, usable across our services.
  • Hundred Free Bet: Wager five times on a single match from the listed hundred cricket events to receive a 100 INR extra bet.
  • Referral Promo: Share your unique code with five friends; upon registration, they receive 50 INR, with the same bonus awarded to you. Use your bonus for cricket betting.

Strategic Insights: INDIBET Virtual
Cricket Betting

  • In addition to traditional online cricket betting, virtual cricket betting is also available.
  • Virtual cricket involves digital simulations of cricket teams based on real-life player performances.
  • Teams can compete in virtual cricket regardless of whether they have played together before.
  • Virtual events incorporate randomness, enhancing realism and similarity to real matches.
  • Virtual games are held frequently, eliminating the need to wait for specific times.
  • Virtual cricket is accompanied by odds, although unpredictable events are less likely.
  • Cricket promotions can be utilized for virtual cricket betting.
  • Virtual cricket has recently gained popularity in esports, offering opportunities for betting.

Betting Tips to Enhance Your Odds

  • Cricket betting odds represent values set by the bookmaker pertaining to potential match outcomes.
  • Variants of odds exist, dependent on the type of bet.
  • Odds typically derive from lines determining potential game winners.
  • Bettors evaluate and either accept or reject these values, with correct predictions yielding prizes.
  • Professional analysts generate these odds, leveraging their expertise and experience.
  • Analysts consider teams’ and players’ past performances, as well as current gameplay during live events, to establish accurate odds.
  • The service offers over 50 cricket betting markets, presenting a diverse array of betting options.

Cricket Betting Tips For Success

Successful betting predictions and profit accumulation are facilitated by considering betting tips along with provided odds.

Helpful tips for successful betting:

  • Gather comprehensive information about the game you intend to bet on, including team updates and news, as even minor details can impact the outcome.
  • Acknowledge the home-ground advantage, as teams tend to perform better at their home stadium due to heightened confidence and fan support.
  • Factor in weather conditions, as they can significantly alter game dynamics or lead to match cancellation.
  • Analyze previous head-to-head performances between teams to inform your prediction.
  • Experiment with various betting strategies to determine the most effective one for your style, with live betting offering flexibility to adjust tactics mid-game.
  • Utilize promotional offers to mitigate potential losses and gain valuable experience for future success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Under Indian law, restrictions pertaining to betting apply solely to services operating within the country's borders. As our platform is international and not domiciled in India, utilizing our services is entirely legal. This legal distinction underscores the compliance of our operations with Indian regulations, as our platform operates outside the jurisdiction subject to these restrictions. Therefore, users accessing our offers from India can do so without contravening any legal provisions concerning betting activities. Our commitment to adhering to the laws of the jurisdictions in which we operate ensures the legality and legitimacy of our services globally. Thus, individuals accessing our platform from India can confidently engage with our offerings, assured of their compliance with applicable legal frameworks.
Our service offers numerous commonly utilized options in India, encompassing a diverse range of e-wallets, PayPal, bank cards, cryptocurrencies, UPI, and more. The selection caters to the preferences and requirements of our clientele. It is incumbent upon you to discern and select the option that aligns best with your needs and preferences.
Our service benefits from robust protection afforded by a sophisticated security infrastructure. This system employs encryption protocols to safeguard the personal information of our clientele and the integrity of their transactions. Furthermore, our commitment to ethical standards is underscored by the endorsement of our offers by the Curaçao gaming authority. Every offer extended by our platform adheres to stringent guidelines set forth by this regulatory body, ensuring fairness and responsibility in all aspects of our operations.
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