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INDIBET Best Football Betting App in India

INDIBET stands out as a premier online sports betting platform in India, uniquely catering to football enthusiasts amidst a market predominantly focused on cricket. This versatile platform goes beyond cricket, embracing a comprehensive range of sports like football, tennis, hockey, and Esports, accompanied by a diverse array of casino games. In a realm where football betting commands a significant global presence, INDIBET emerges as a reliable haven for Indian bettors seeking opportunities to capitalize on their predictions and earn rupees. Positioned among the select few trusted platforms, INDIBET ensures a broad spectrum of wagering options, amplifying the excitement for sports enthusiasts and casino aficionados alike

Best tournament to bet on football games at Indibet

INDIBET Football Betting Coverage: Covers various football leagues worldwide for betting in India.
Wide selection of leagues with diverse options and odds.

English Premier League (EPL):

  • Top football league in England.
  • Twenty teams compete for the championship.
  • The Top four qualify for the UEFA Champions League.
  • Manchester United leads with 20 trophies.

La Liga:

  • Premier football tournament in Spain.
  • In-league rounds with twenty teams.
  • The Top four qualify for UEFA Champions League.
  • Real Madrid leads with 34 titles; Messi top scorer (474 goals).

Serie A:

  • Italian league established in 1898.
  • The Top four teams qualify for the UEFA Champions League.


  • German top football league.
  • Eighteen teams; top four qualify for UEFA Champions League.
  • Bayern Munich leads with 30 trophies.

Ligue 1:

  • The Top football league in France.
  • Twenty teams; only top two qualify for UEFA Champions League.
  • Notable players like Messi and Neymar.

UEFA Europa League:

  • Secondary tournament to UEFA Champions League.
  • 58 participating teams; competitive despite being secondary.
  • Sevilla leads with 6 trophies.

USA Major League Soccer (MLS):

  • Founded in 1993 with 27 teams.
  • Significant in building football culture in the USA and Canada.
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a decorated player.

ISL (Indian Super League):

  • The Top football league in India; established in 2013.
  • 11 teams; league matches and knockout for top 4 table-toppers.
  • Group stages winner qualifies for AFC Asian Football tournament.

International Matches and Tournaments:**

  • INDIBET offers betting options during international friendly matches.
  • Options available for FIFA World Cup, Euro Cup, and Copa America.

Types of Football Betting Options Available at Indibet

3-way Moneyline betting/Full-time result:

  • Common betting where you predict the outcome of a match (win, lose, or draw) after 90 minutes.
  • Wager can be placed before kickoff.
  • Results announced after full time; win if prediction is correct.
  • Winnings based on odds, receiving multiples of the wagered amount.

Total outcome (Under/Over):

  • Bettors predict total goals after full time.
  • Known as Under/Over betting.

Correct score:

  • Bet on the exact number of goals for a specific team.
  • Example: Predicting ATK vs KBFC with a score of 2-1.

First goal scorer:

  • Predict the player who will score the first goal.
  • Winning if the chosen player scores first.

Last goal scorer:

  • Bet on the player who will score the last goal.
  • Example: Predicting CK Vineeth for the last goal in Chennai FC vs Goa FC.

Any time goal scorer:

  • Similar to first goal scorer, but the player can score at any time during the match.

Over or under Corners:

  • Bet on the number of corners a team will have.

Over or under Cards:

  • Wager on the number of cards (red or yellow) received by a team.

Double result (Half-time/Full-time):

  • Bet on both half-time and full-time results.

Special betting platforms on INDIBET:

  • Various additional betting options available on the platform.

Explore other betting options on the website:

  • Numerous additional betting options to try and find the one that suits you.

Live Football Betting

INDIBET offers an exclusive dynamic betting category, allowing bettors to place wagers on ongoing matches. Unlike traditional betting that closes before kickoff, INDIBET provides a unique opportunity for gamblers to bet on live matches. This dynamic approach enables betting according to the game’s flow, with changing odds throughout the match.

Indibet Football Betting Tips

  • No 100% guarantee on any bet, but winning streaks are possible.
  • Watch the news for football insights on INDIBET for current affairs and past history.
  • Check past history between teams, considering the advantage of home squads.
  • Evaluate the team’s current form and morale for better predictions.
  • Bet on multiple matches with different odds instead of a single match.
  • When betting live, wait for high odds and bet on the winning team.
  • INDIBET offers betting on various sports beyond football, including tennis and kabaddi.
  • Trade in cryptocurrency and UPI for transactions on INDIBET.
  • INDIBET has a football betting app with a high rating for easy betting.
  • Explore the live casino section and teenpatti on INDIBET for additional earning opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Engaging in betting at INDIBET is a straightforward process, akin to transferring funds via Google Pay. For football enthusiasts who are novices in the betting realm, this guide outlines the steps to bet on football at INDIBET. Commence by navigating to the official INDIBET website.
  1. Register for a free account, providing essential details like your chosen username, email address, phone number, and a robust password.
  2. Verification of both phone number and email is imperative to maintain a secure environment, deterring spammers and fostering a pleasant experience for genuine gamblers.
  3. Post-registration, proceed to the deposit page to fund your account, utilizing options such as credit cards or online banking.
  4. Additionally, INDIBET extends a no deposit bonus, especially beneficial for new players.
Select the desired category for your bet, navigating through options meticulously. Choose the event and specify the bet type, along with the wager amount. Execute your bet, patiently awaiting the results. INDIBET's user-friendly interface and diverse payment options make the entire process seamless for both beginners and experienced bettors.
Top up your Indibet wallet for betting using various online banking methods such as Paytm, Neteller, Skrill, and more. Alternatively, you can utilize the INDIBET football betting app or deposit funds through different UPIs like Phonepay, Google Pay, and others. Additionally, online money transfers from your application to the bank are also accepted.
In India, online betting is legal nationwide, with the exception of states like Nagaland and Sikkim where the state government has imposed a ban on this activity. If you reside in any other city not specified earlier, online betting is entirely legal and considered safe.
Certainly, you have the option to participate, but the results are contingent on your choice of bets. If you consistently wager without conducting thorough research and often choose losing options, we won't be able to assist you. However, if you are someone willing to invest time in research and possess the courage to place strategic bids, INDIBET offers the potential to generate significant earnings.
To win football betting you need to follow the strategy and have good bankroll management, research, result evaluation, and knowing the best odds.
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