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All IPL 2024 Commentators With Their Salaries and Category

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All IPL 2024 Commentators With Their Salaries and Category
All IPL 2024 Commentators With Their Salaries and Category

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is not just a cricketing extravaganza on the field, but it also brings with it a star-studded lineup of commentators who add to the excitement and drama of the tournament. These voices behind the mic, with their insightful analysis and enthusiastic commentary, play a pivotal role in enhancing the viewing experience for millions of fans worldwide. As we gear up for the IPL 2024 season, let’s take a closer look at the esteemed commentators who will be gracing our screens and their salaries, categorized based on their experience and popularity.

Platinum Category Commentators

1. Sunil Gavaskar

Salary: INR 10-15 lakhs per match

About: The legendary Sunil Gavaskar needs no introduction. His insightful commentary and in-depth analysis of the game make him a fan favorite. Gavaskar’s vast experience and cricketing acumen bring a unique perspective to the commentary box.

2. Harsha Bhogle

Salary: INR 8-12 lakhs per match

About: Harsha Bhogle is renowned for his eloquent commentary and sharp insights. With a career spanning decades, Bhogle’s commentary is a blend of wit and wisdom, making him one of the most respected voices in cricket broadcasting.

3. Ian Bishop

Salary: INR 9-13 lakhs per match

About: Former West Indies fast bowler Ian Bishop is a respected commentator known for his articulate analysis and deep understanding of the game. His commentary adds a global perspective to the IPL broadcast.

Gold Category Commentators

1. Sanjay Manjrekar

Salary: INR 6-10 lakhs per match

About: Former Indian cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar is known for his frank opinions and technical expertise. His commentary often offers insights into the nuances of batting and bowling strategies.

2. Lisa Sthalekar

Salary: INR 5-8 lakhs per match

About: Lisa Sthalekar, former Australian cricketer, is a prominent voice in women’s cricket commentary. Her analysis brings a fresh perspective to the IPL, highlighting the growing influence of women in cricket.

3. Michael Slater

Salary: INR 7-11 lakhs per match

About: Australian cricketer turned commentator Michael Slater is known for his enthusiastic commentary style. His energy and passion for the game make him a popular choice among viewers.

Silver Category Commentators

1. Aakash Chopra

Salary: INR 4-7 lakhs per match

About: Former Indian cricketer Aakash Chopra has carved a niche for himself as a cricket commentator. His strategic insights and ability to break down complex scenarios make his commentary engaging for fans.

2. Mayanti Langer

Salary: INR 3-6 lakhs per match

About: Mayanti Langer, a prominent Indian sports anchor and commentator, brings a blend of charm and cricketing knowledge to the IPL broadcast. Her interviews and analysis are a highlight of the coverage.

3. Deep Dasgupta

Salary: INR 4-7 lakhs per match

About: Former Indian wicketkeeper Deep Dasgupta offers a unique perspective as a commentator. His understanding of the game’s intricacies, especially from a wicketkeeper’s point of view, adds depth to the commentary.

General Category Commentators

1. Isha Guha

Salary: INR 2-4 lakhs per match

About: Former England cricketer Isha Guha has made a mark in cricket commentary with her insightful analysis and articulate presentation. Her contributions to the IPL commentary team are valued by fans.

2. Murali Kartik

Salary: INR 3-5 lakhs per match

About: Former Indian spinner Murali Kartik brings his expertise to the commentary box with astute observations and a deep understanding of spin bowling. His commentary is educational and entertaining for viewers.

3. Pommie Mbangwa

Salary: INR 2-4 lakhs per match

About: Former Zimbabwean cricketer Pommie Mbangwa is known for his distinctive voice and insightful commentary. His presence adds diversity to the IPL commentary team, offering a global perspective.

How Commentators Enhance the IPL Experience

The role of commentators in the IPL goes beyond just describing the action on the field. They provide context, analysis, and entertainment, turning a cricket match into a captivating narrative. Here’s how commentators enhance the IPL experience:

Insightful Analysis: Commentators offer valuable insights into player strategies, pitch conditions, and game dynamics, helping viewers understand the finer nuances of the sport.

Entertainment: With their engaging storytelling and witty banter, commentators keep viewers entertained throughout the match, adding to the overall enjoyment.

Player Stories: Commentators often share anecdotes and personal stories about players, giving fans a deeper understanding of their favorite cricketers.

Educational: For casual viewers or those new to cricket, commentators explain rules, terminology, and tactics, making the game more accessible to all.

How to Enjoy IPL Commentary

Whether you’re watching the IPL on television, streaming online, or catching updates on the radio, there are various ways to enjoy the commentary:

Television Broadcast: Tune in to your favorite sports channel broadcasting the IPL matches. Most channels offer multiple language options for commentary to cater to diverse audiences.

Online Streaming: Platforms like Hotstar, SonyLIV, and others offer live streaming of IPL matches with commentary. You can choose your preferred language or commentator feed for a personalized experience.

Radio: Many radio stations provide live commentary of IPL matches, allowing fans to enjoy the excitement even on the go.

Stadium: If you’re lucky enough to attend an IPL match live at the stadium, you’ll get to experience the commentary firsthand through the stadium speakers.


As we eagerly await the start of IPL 2024, the lineup of commentators promises to elevate the cricketing spectacle to new heights. From seasoned veterans to rising stars in the commentary box, each voice brings its own flavor to the game. Whether you’re a cricket enthusiast seeking expert analysis or simply a fan enjoying the entertainment, the IPL commentators play a crucial role in making every match memorable.

So, as you settle in to watch the IPL action unfold, remember to appreciate the voices behind the mic, enriching your cricket viewing experience with their insights, stories, and passion for the game. Whether they’re in the Platinum, Gold, Silver, or General category, each commentator adds to the magic of the IPL, making it much more than just a cricket tournament.

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