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Kiwi Quickies: Fastest Bowler Predictions for NZ vs. BAN 2nd T20

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Kiwi Quickies: Fastest Bowler Predictions for NZ vs. BAN 2nd T20
Kiwi Quickies Fastest Bowler Predictions for NZ vs BAN 2nd T20


The clash between New Zealand and Bangladesh in the 2nd T20 International is not just about runs and wickets; it’s a battle of pace and precision. As the two teams prepare to face off at the Bay Oval, Mount Maunganui, the spotlight is on the Kiwi quickies. This article aims to predict which bowler from the New Zealand squad will unleash the fastest deliveries against the formidable Bangladesh batting lineup.

The Kiwi Pace Arsenal

1. Michael Neser: The Swing Maestro

Known for his ability to swing the ball both ways, Michael Neser brings a unique dimension to the Kiwi pace attack. His express pace, coupled with movement in the air, makes him a potent force in troubling opposition batsmen.

2. Xavier Bartlett: The Young Speedster

Xavier Bartlett, the young speedster, has been turning heads with his raw pace. Clocking impressive speeds, Bartlett has the ability to surprise batsmen with his deliveries that hit the deck hard and generate bounce.

3. Mitchell Swepson: The Leg-Spin Quickie

While spinners aren’t typically associated with express pace, Mitchell Swepson’s leg-spinners often come out of the hand at a brisk pace. His variations, coupled with speed, can be challenging for batsmen trying to read his deliveries.

Bangladesh’s Batting Challenge

1. Alex Hales: The Explosive Opener

Facing the Kiwi quickies will be the explosive Alex Hales, known for his aggressive batting in the powerplay. The battle between Hales and the fastest Kiwi bowler promises to be a riveting spectacle.

2. Cameron Bancroft: The Steady Presence

In the middle order, Cameron Bancroft’s steady presence will be crucial for Bangladesh. How he copes with the express pace and variations from the Kiwi bowlers will play a significant role in determining the outcome.

Factors Influencing Fastest Deliveries

1. Pitch Conditions

The nature of the pitch at Bay Oval will influence how the ball comes onto the bat. A hard and bouncy surface might favor the quickies, allowing them to extract extra pace and bounce.

2. Bowling Strategy

The captain’s strategy and the specific roles assigned to each bowler will impact who goes for the outright pace. Whether it’s the opening spell or the death overs, the bowling strategy will be a crucial factor.

3. Batsmen’s Approach

The approach of Bangladesh’s batsmen will also influence the Kiwi quickies’ strategy. If the batsmen are aggressive, the bowlers may respond with extra pace to disrupt their rhythm.

Predicting the Fastest Bowler

Analyzing Recent Form

Assessing the recent performances of Neser, Bartlett, and Swepson will provide insights into who is in the best rhythm. Bowlers in peak form are more likely to unleash the fastest deliveries.

Previous Encounters

Reviewing how these bowlers have performed against Bangladesh in past encounters can help predict who might be the quickest to trouble the batsmen.


As the anticipation builds for the NZ vs. BAN 2nd T20 at Bay Oval, the focus on the Kiwi quickies adds an element of excitement. Whether it’s Neser’s swing, Bartlett’s raw pace, or Swepson’s variations, one of these bowlers is poised to clock the fastest deliveries of the match.

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